Excellent Care

We are continually striving to improve and to take steps towards providing you with excellent care.

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Free Wi-Fi for all

November 2015

We've installed free Wi-Fi across all of our homes - even the older ones - because it gives us the platform we need to use technology in order to improve the experience you, your loved ones and our staff have. It also allows us to introduce the innovations required to provide outstanding care.

Active Offer in Welsh


At Sŵn-y-Môr, we provide ourselves on our cultural heritage and that of our residents. Our staff are able to speak to you in English or Welsh to suit your preference and signage is also available in both English & Welsh. Should you require any paperwork in Welsh, please just ask the Home Management Team for copies.

OSKA – The best in pressure care

July 2017

For our residents who need specialised pressure care support, we offer the option to use mattresses from OSKA. With the help of leading Tissue Viability Nurses, they've designed products that help prevent and treat pressure sores like no others. Their technology is so effective, we can space out our night checks meaning you get to sleep for longer without being disturbed – leaving you feeling fresh the next day.

Industry Leading Training

September 2017–Present

Through a blend of e-learning and the latest face-to-face training, we make training enjoyable, meaningful and, most importantly, effective. Working with our training partner E-Learning For You, we adapt to each of our staff’s learning styles and offer them support in real-time. We also fund professional qualifications to encourage staff's personal and professional growth.

Virtual Dementia Training

September 2017

To help increase awareness of Dementia in our local community, we invited loved ones, friends & professional stakeholders to join our staff in taking part in Virtual Dementia Training. So you can better understand how to care for those with Dementia, this innovative training puts you in their shoes (literally) by manipulating your senses to match theirs.

Ein Llais (Residents' and Relatives') Committee

October 2017

To enable you to have more say over the Care Home you live in, we've introduced 'Ein Llais' – a Residents' and Relatives' Committee – that meets with the Home Management Team regularly. They feedback/help make decisions on everything including things like food, activities and environmental improvements. They also help interview potential new staff so residents' get a say in who provides their care.

Less Time On Paperwork, More Time On Care

November 2017

We use Person Centred Software's (PCS) electronic care system to record & plan your care. Using hand-held devices, carers easily capture the care they deliver as they go whilst being prompted about your preferences. This means no tedious paperwork for them and you get your care the way you like it. Also, your loved ones & the Management Team can see the 'live' care you’re getting from anywhere in the world.

Oral Health Care Planning

February 2018

We believe in the importance of Oral Health in Adult Social Care. Sharon Williams, Home Manager of Sŵn-y-Môr, sat on the committee that developed a comprehensive All-Wales Oral Health Care Plan. This was rolled out across the entire Handsale Group as best practice and Person Centred Software (PCS) were so impressed, they asked if they could roll it out to all their customers too. Of course we said yes.

First Annual Managers Conference

February 2018

All Handsale’s Home Managers across England, Scotland & Wales came together to share best practice learning from their care homes and their respective countries – something most care providers aren’t able to do.

Ultra-Safe Medication Management

May 2018

Working with Lloyds Pharmacy and Med-e-Care, we have streamlined our entire medication management system using the latest technology. Our digital system keeps you safe by helping staff as they deliver medication and, as the Pharmacy and your GP feed into the system, changes to your medication are reflected quickly and easily. Home and Corporate Management can also see everything going on 'live'.

Meaningful Quality Assurance (QA) Systems Providing Peace of Mind


We've developed a robust QA system that still allows Home Managers time to manage. We're 75% towards our goal of Home & Corporate Management digitally seeing everything going on 24/7. Our partners, QCS, host our Policies and Procedures online, alerting staff to best practice changes immediately. Also, our independent QA Partners, NetworkCare UK, provide an expert sounding board to our development.

Wish Tree

May 2018

At Sŵn-y-Môr, we've introduced a 'Wish Tree' (an Oomph! idea). Each of our residents get to put forward something they wish they could do and each wish becomes a leaf in the tree. Staff members then choose a leaf at random and make this wish come true. Please find us on facebook or visit the news page to see all the wonderful things we're doing.

Beach Wheelchairs

July 2018

As part of the 'Wish Tree,' our residents wanted to make the most of our seaside location. So working with the local council, we arranged the use of specialised wheelchairs so our residents could feel the sea water between their toes again. It was such a success, we've ordered two more beach wheelchairs for delivery in 2019!


November 2018

We were excited to show the CIW all the innovations we've put in place to-date during their recent unannounced inspection. It went very well, with the home rated Excellent in all areas inspected. You can download the full inspection report from the homepage.

Second Annual Managers Conference

March 2019

Held at Sŵn-y-Môr, in Wales, all Handsale’s Home Managers once again got together to share best care practice from across England, Scotland & Wales. However, this time, they also got to see the largest Handsale Care Home in person and were able to share ideas around environment and activities together too.

Care for Leadership Programme

April 2019

We believe we have some of the best staff in care. That’s why in April 2019 we launched the Care for Leadership Programme, which allows our staff to train to become the outstanding Home Managers of the future. A custom built programme using the best guidance from Skills for Care, SCIE, NICE and others, this programme is available only to Handsale staff.