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1) Digital Care Plans

Our carers record care as it’s given. They simply click on the care actions they’re delivering and our system will automatically fill in the rest of the paperwork, meaning our carers are left to do what they do best – spend time with you and provide the care you need.


Better still, the system informs our staff of your preferences as they go along, meaning you always get the care you want when you want. And, as the system is constantly learning, it will even flag up to management when your preferences or tastes have changed and if any new risks appear.

2) Secure Medication Delivery

We’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure that the delivery of medication at our homes is as safe and transparent as possible. All medication is scanned and checked against the doctor’s advice to ensure you are getting what you require, when you require.


It stops the potential for you receiving the wrong medicine and, if there are any errors, they are picked up then and there! Not at the end of the month like at other care homes. The system constantly checks stock levels and links directly to the pharmacy when you need more of something. Freeing up our nurses and senior carers to spend more time looking after you.

3) 24/7 Management

These digital systems means that regardless of whether it is Home Management or the Handsale Board, the care you receive can be viewed with 100% transparency from anywhere and is constantly under review. And because the system is constantly learning, it will escalate matters all the way up to the Chairman if required, all to ensure that you get the outstanding care you deserve.

4) Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

As long as your loved one consents, we can show you the care and medication they receive as they receive it, no matter where you are in the world. Not only can you see that information, but you can comment on it. Unlike other care providers who may allow you to have input on a quarterly or 6-monthly basis, we give you the opportunity to inform the care your loved one receives constantly.


Are we not aware of their favourite musician? Is there a favourite TV programme they can’t go without? Do they like their tea in a particular way? Just let us know using the residents portal and our care team will do the rest.

5) Your Care, The Way You Like It

Love to cook? Green thumbed? Avid football fan? Our care philosophy is one of enablement, not restriction. Our staff find ways for you to do the things you love, not reasons why you can’t.


Your preferences prompt our care delivery, so even the newest care team members will care for you as if they’ve been there for years!

6) Handsale Truly Invests In Staff

At Handsale we support our staff in developing new skills and obtaining new qualifications. Each staff member has access to 50+ training courses as standard and this is augmented with the most cutting edge face-to-face experiences such as the Virtual Dementia Bus. We also have developed a clinical supervision system around NMC revalidation in order to help our nurses.


We also feel it’s important to have leaders in every staff role and the fact that many of our Home Managers and Deputy Managers began working at Handsale as care assistants is testament to this fact.

7) Innovative Technologies at Handsale

Here at Handsale we believe if you’re standing still, you’re moving backward. We are constantly developing new partnerships in order to pilot the latest technology in a range of areas including care planning, medication delivery, pressure care and dementia care.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word…

Here’s what some of the people who have worked with Handsale have had to say: