Simple Landscaping | 5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Simple landscaping: Pretty garden space

Simple Landscaping | 5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Are you keen to try some simple landscaping to refresh your garden this spring?


In this blog, we’re sharing 5 easy ways in which you can transform your garden into a welcoming haven of colour and tranquillity:


Create an Outdoor Eating Area


Is your garden ready for the spring/summer season? When the sun comes out, your first thought may be to invite your loved ones over for a BBQ.


To help you prepare for impromptu get-togethers, create a cosy seating area in your outdoor space. Choose a sunny corner of the garden near your BBQ where you can arrange some comfortable garden furniture.


Use solar panelled fairy lights, lanterns or outdoor candles to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. This will help you to unwind and relax with your family and friends as you enjoy your al fresco dining.

Simple landscaping: Outdoor eating space with barbecue

Simple Landscaping: Use Mirrors to Add Depth to Your Garden


If you have a small garden, mirrors are an effective way to add depth to your garden. They give the illusion of your garden feeling larger, and they reflect the light to help it feel brighter, too.


Why not up-cycle a vintage mirror by spraying the frame with a new colour and hanging it from your wall or fence? You could even choose a selection of old mirrors to create a unique and interesting wall feature.


Simple landscaping: Mirror and vintage chair in courtyard garden


Simple Landscaping: Create Vibrant Potted Plants


If you have a courtyard or concrete garden, it can be difficult to envisage a tranquil space. Try to add some colour with some simple landscaping; you can create a vibrant haven with an array of potted plants and hanging baskets.


You can use small potted plants to create beautiful centrepieces on your garden table, and larger pots for displays around the garden.


Try to use brightly coloured flowers and scented herbs to stimulate the senses. Evergreens such as ivy and yucca work well for year-round colour. Succulents, roses and agapanthuses are suitable for growing in pots.


You could up-cycle an old ladder to display your plants, use raised planters, and hang plants from the fences and walls. Use an assortment of pots and up-cycled items – such as galvanised watering cans – to create interesting focal points for your flower displays.


Incorporate Colourful Soft Furnishings


Another way to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space is to use rugs, cushions and throws. This is particularly effective for courtyard or concrete spaces.


Colourful outdoor rugs will add a softer touch to your patio and reduce the dull grey. You can then adorn your furniture with throws, and cushions to create a warm, cosy environment. Depending on your personal preference, you could opt for vibrant colours such as bright yellows and pinks, or choose muted pastels.


Colourful blanket and cushions in al fresco dining space in garden


Simple Landscaping: Stimulate the Senses


One of our top tips for simple landscaping is to stimulate all the senses. Tranquil sounds can help you relax; you might like to listen to birds chirping, water trickling and gentle music.


To achieve this in your garden, ensure that you have bird feeders and boxes to attract different varieties of birds. Why not try your hand at making your own pine cone feeders?


You can also install a water feature or pond; the sound will help you to relax, and the water will attract plenty of wildlife.


Finally, consider using wind chimes in your garden to add a gentle, musical element to your outdoor space. Bamboo wind chimes are particularly effective as they create a gentle, soothing sound in the breeze.


Once you’ve tried our simple landscaping ideas to spruce up your garden, why not refresh your indoor space? Read our previous blog to discover our helpful spring cleaning tips.


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