6 Exercises to Reduce Stress | Working Out Your Mental Health

exercises reduce stress - Seniors dancing together in a dance class

6 Exercises to Reduce Stress | Working Out Your Mental Health

Have you ever thought about new ways you can take care of your mental health?


This Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to shine a light on some of the exercises you can do to reduce stress and improve your mental health:


1 – Exercises to Reduce Stress | Yoga

Yoga focuses on mental and physical relaxation with the aim of improving posture and flexibility, making it an ideal exercise for reducing stress. At Priesty Fields, residents can utilise our Greenway Gymnasium to take part in guided yoga sessions with our staff.

Senior couple doing yoga exercises to reduce stress

Yoga involves learning poses that range from easy to more advanced, teaching you how to unlock and strengthen your muscles. Practising yoga can help reduce the build up of stress and tension, allowing you to relax and clear your mind – improving your overall mental health.


2 – Dancing

If you’d rather partake in a more fast-paced exercise, why not try dancing? Dancing releases endorphins that can help promote happiness and encourage a positive outlook on life. 


Dancing is an exercise that can reduce stress, improve focus and even boost relationships. Plus, there are plenty of different types of dancing to try and master, with the benefit of showing off your new moves on the dance floor!

3 – Exercises to Reduce Stress | Swimming

Swimming can be a very fun and impactful exercise to reduce stress and keep your body healthy and happy. 


Unlike other exercises, swimming provides you with a feeling of weightlessness in the water, allowing you to simply float your troubles away. 


Not only does swimming increase your blood flow and release endorphins, your breathing turns rhythmic as you move across the pool, allowing you to truly relax and feel a sense of calm.


4 – Walking

If enjoying the scenery and the great outdoors appeals to you, walking may be an ideal exercise to reduce stress. Walking enables you to refresh your surroundings and allow yourself to concentrate on your thoughts with no distractions. At Priesty Fields, we are located on the doorstep of Congleton, perfect for refreshing and scenic walks.

Exercise reduces stress - someone walking

As well as offering the benefits of exercise, walking can bring you a sense of peace and connection to nature as you drink in your surroundings. 


Additionally, walking is an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with family, friends and even pets that add to the enjoyable experience.


5 – Exercises to Reduce Stress | Pilates

If you want to exercise to reduce stress, pilates may be the exercise for you! 


Similar to yoga, pilates is a holistic exercise that allows you to focus on your body and mind, whilst working to gently tone your muscles. 


Pilates enables you to connect with yourself, releasing any stress and tension by focusing on yourself and your breathing. 


6 – Cycling

Cycling is a highly effective way of exercising to reduce stress as it helps regulate your breathing and allows you to experience the feeling of pure freedom.


Cycling is a very enjoyable exercise that floods your brain with happy endorphins and melts away your stress, letting your mind wander and clearing out any negative thoughts or stresses.

Exercises reduce stress - older man on a bicycle

Mental health is something that impacts all of us – and here at Priesty Fields, we want to make sure our residents have access to spaces where they can exercise to release stress both on our grounds and in our well-equipped Greenway Gymnasium. 


If you’re interested in the impact of exercise on your mental health, check out one of our previous blog posts which focuses on the benefits of walking in nature.