Easy Vegetarian Dinners | 6 Simple Recipes for You to Try at Home

easy vegetarian dinners - assortment of vegetables

Easy Vegetarian Dinners | 6 Simple Recipes for You to Try at Home

Are you keen to try out some delicious new recipes at home?


As the weather is warming up, why not take a look at our options for easy vegetarian dinners to add to your recipe book?


1 – Easy Vegetarian Dinners | Vegetarian Fajitas

For a crowd-pleasing but simple plant-based dinner, why not try some easy vegetarian fajitas?


This recipe injects some fun Mexican spice to your day, containing ingredients such as; black beans, peppers, avocado and onion to contribute to your five-a-day.


Taking only 15 minutes to make, this tongue-tingling triumph is a brilliant example of  an easy vegetarian dinner.


2 – Spiced Halloumi & Pineapple Burger

Knock it out of the park this summer by adding spiced halloumi & pineapple burgers to your repertoire of easy vegetarian dinners. 

Easy vegetarian dinners - halloumi burger

The perfect addition to a summer barbeque and containing four of your five-a-day, these burgers will make a lasting impression on your family and friends.


3 – Coconut & Squash Dhansak

Taking just 20 minutes to prepare and cook, this coconut & squash dhansak is perfect for when you have a hankering for easy vegetarian dinners with a bit of spice and a lot of flavour.


The addition of coconut and squash gives the classically popular Indian dhansak a refreshing vegetarian twist, guaranteed to become a staple on your dinner table this summer.

4 – Easy Vegetarian Dinners | Veggie Chinese Pancakes

Make a splash this summer with the vegetarian adaptation of this take-away favourite. A fun and interactive meal, the veggie Chinese pancakes are sure to impress as a starter or main course.

Easy vegetarian dinners - veggie duck pancakes

Substituting the duck for mushrooms, this easy vegetarian dinner will have you struggling to tell the difference from the original.


For a dish with a do-it-yourself serving element and buckets of oriental flavour, you can’t go wrong with veggie Chinese pancakes.


5 – Lemon & Greens Pesto Pasta

Summer on a plate, this vibrant dish exhibits the talent of the Mediterranean when it comes to easy vegetarian dishes. 


The lemon & greens pesto pasta can be on the table in 15 minutes, and is a brilliant contender for a light, healthy and flavourful summer meal.


6 – Spicy Mushroom & Broccoli Noodles

If you or your family are trying to substitute some of your regular meals with easy vegetarian dishes, these spicy mushroom & broccoli noodles are a great choice for your table this summer.

easy vegetarian dinners - broccoli and mushroom noodles

The spicy mushroom & broccoli noodles are not only a delicious vegetarian dish; the use of shiitake mushrooms in this meal give it a texture identical to that of meat, making it an excellent choice to ease into vegetarianism.


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