Deaf Awareness Week | 5 Ways to Help Your Loved One When They Lose Their Hearing

Deaf awareness: holding hands

Deaf Awareness Week | 5 Ways to Help Your Loved One When They Lose Their Hearing

Are you worried about your loved ones struggling with the loss of hearing?


In recognition of Deaf Awareness Week, we wanted to focus on the emotional impact of hearing loss, and how you can support loved ones who are going through this change.


To raise deaf awareness this week, here are 5 ways you can help your loved ones when they lose their hearing:


Deaf Awareness Week: Learn Some Sign Language Basics


When an individual loses their hearing, communication can become difficult and this can put a strain on relationships. To combat this and keep that channel of communication open for your loved one, why not sit and learn the basics of British Sign Language together?


A few simple phrases and words can increase your loved one’s confidence, showing that you are willing to adapt for them. You can find sign language tutorials in abundance on YouTube, which may help you to strengthen your relationship with your loved one and demonstrate deaf awareness.


Deaf awareness: Support group learning sign language


Deaf Awareness Week: Find or Create a Support Group


When practising deaf awareness, it’s important to realise that losing hearing will not only affect your loved one physically, but will take an emotional toll. To make this adjustment easier, you could consider looking into deaf support groups for your loved one to talk to others in the same situation. If this is not available, creating a strong network of friends and family to provide support for your loved one is also a good option.


Deaf awareness: Support group sitting together


Look for Solutions


Experiencing hearing loss can be a frightening and emotional experience, so it is important to help your loved one realise there are solutions to help make their life comfortable. Speak to a professional and learn about the options your loved one can take to move forward and continue to live their life to the full.


Make Minor Adjustments


It’s a good idea to support your loved one by adjusting their environment as appropriate and focusing on how you communicate with each other. This can be done by ensuring you are talking in a well-lit room, facing your loved one when you speak and lowering the noise levels in the room.


Provide Encouragement


If you sense that your loved one may benefit from a check-up, even if they are not aware of it themselves, it would be a good idea to encourage them to attend. A gentle and supportive push in the right direction can be the difference between finding a solution for hearing loss and ignoring it.


Deaf awareness: doctor's appointment


For many people, hearing loss comes with ageing, but by researching and sharing information on deaf awareness, it can become a more comfortable and easier transition. 


In order to offer support to your loved one, we provide first-class care at Priesty Fields, with a focus on person-centred care.  Contact our team to find out more.


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