6 Best Spring Cleaning Tips | Refreshing Your Home

Spring cleaning tips: Woman holding basket of cleaning products

6 Best Spring Cleaning Tips | Refreshing Your Home

As we head further into the spring season, there’s never been a better time to refresh your home from top to bottom.


There’s truly no better feeling than relaxing in a clean, comforting space. Keep reading to discover our best spring cleaning tips:


Spring Cleaning Tips: Tackle Your Clutter First


Before you start cleaning your home, tackle all of your clutter first.


It’s best to start with the surface clutter – i.e., the items you can see. If you spot that an item is where it shouldn’t be, try to find a permanent home for it (if it doesn’t have one already). 


On the contrary, if you decide you don’t need the item, think about throwing it away or donating it to charity. 


Once you’ve sifted through the surface clutter, dedicate some time to going through your cupboards and drawers. Try to only keep what you really need, before organising the remaining items with dividers.

Spring cleaning tips: Woman organising kitchen shelves

Spring Cleaning Tips: Dust Each Room From Top to Bottom


Once your home is decluttered, it’s a good idea to remove any surface dust before vacuuming.


Start at the very top, using an extended feather duster to remove any cobwebs and dust from ceiling corners, light fittings and curtain poles. You can then get to work on your surfaces, sills and ornaments, before wiping down your skirting boards.


If the weather permits, try opening your window slightly to allow excess dust to leave the room.


Freshen up Your Floors


Once you’ve dusted your home, it’s time to give the floors a little TLC.


Excess dust is likely to have collected on your carpets and/or hard floors, as well as your upholstery. Take some time to vacuum your floors, before adding a smaller attachment to clean your furniture.


Add a little aromatic shine to your hard floors with a mop and some scented floor cleaner. To save space in your home, consider swapping your mop and bucket for a spray mop; it’s streamlined, easy to store and achieves the same beautiful results.

Woman mopping floors at home


Spring Cleaning Tips: Use Essential Oils to Scent Your Space


Whilst you clean your home, consider scenting your space with natural essential oils. 


You can easily scent your home by adding a few drops to an essential oil diffuser, or diluting some oil on a damp cloth and wiping the tops of your radiators (this works best in the colder months, when you’re using the central heating!)


Try adding a few drops to your freshly cleaned pillowcases, and making a natural spray that you can use regularly throughout the day. For this, you can simply dilute your favourite oil in water and add it to a spray bottle.


Use a Lemon Juice and Bicarbonate of Soda Paste


When combined, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda makes a powerful, natural and chemical-free cleaning solution.


Efficient for removing stains, cleaning cooking residue, lightening fabrics and appliance cleaning, applying this paste with a sponge can work wonders for multiple areas around your home.


Freshen up your sinks with this paste, too; it’ll help to remove water marks, before leaving a beautiful natural scent and shine.

Spring cleaning tips: Lemons, brushes, bicarbonate of soda


Remove Expiring Food From Your Kitchen


One of the easiest ways to remove odours from and declutter your home is to remove any expiring food that may be taking up space in your fridge or cupboards.


Try to change your bin liners daily, and apply some scented spray regularly. Set a little time to go through your fridge and cupboards weekly to ensure that your food is fresh and odour free; it’s often easiest to do this once you’ve acquired your fresh groceries.


Don’t forget to compost and recycle your waste when you can. Used coffee granules can work brilliantly as natural plant fertilisers, so consider collecting and sprinkling them into your soil.


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