Supporting Independent Living | Making the Most of Our In-House Cinema

Supporting Independent Living: Our In-House Cinema

Supporting Independent Living | Making the Most of Our In-House Cinema

Have you visited our in-home high street?


Designed for supporting independent living, our in-house high street has a range of facilities, from a shop and cafe to a gym and spa. 


This week, we’re exploring entertainment for care homes and our home cinema:


Supporting Independent Living: The Importance of Care Home Entertainment

The importance of entertainment in care is becoming more apparent, particularly as more and more settings look to deliver person-centred care and enhance the wellbeing of their residents. 


Whilst this has always been a priority, improvements in technology, education and accessibility have enabled more providers to implement better entertainment for care homes, which is essential for supporting independent living.


Here at Priesty Fields, we have a dedicated coordinator who arranges various activities, trips and games for our residents to help improve their day-to-day lives. 


We ensure that they have access to materials and resources to enable them to take part in baking, crafting and sports activities.

Supporting Independent Living: Our In-House Cinema

Our In-House Cinema Room 

Supporting independent living is easier now than ever before – with many homes installing purpose-built facilities to help. Here at Priesty Fields, we have our very own cinema room, complete with authentic features to create an immersive experience for our residents. 


When designing the cinema room, comfort was a priority for us. We wanted to create a space where our residents could relax and feel at ease. We chose ergonomic sofas and armchairs that are firm enough to support our residents, but comfortable enough for them to sink into as they settle down to watch a film. 


We have a range of films for them to choose from, including classics that they can reminisce on from their younger years. We’ve also displayed posters of actors from when our residents were young, to spark conversations and create a sense of familiarity. 

Bowl of Popcorn

Supporting Independent Living: An Immersive Cinema Experience

We wanted our residents to have an authentic cinematic experience. To achieve this, we focused on appealing to each of their senses when we were planning how the room would work. The stimulation of senses is particularly important for our residents who’re living with dementia, as it helps them to connect to the present moment.


Our cinema room has a large screen with surround sound, blackout curtains and adjustable lighting to help set the scene. 


We also have a popcorn machine, which is not only a delicious treat for our residents, but also entices their senses as it fills the cinema room with its familiar, comforting and enticing smell.


To find out more about entertainment for care homes, or to enquire about our care facilities, please contact a member of our team

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