Glazing With Gratitude: Our Meaningful Activity | Priesty Fields

Meaningful activity: Margaret with her lantern

Glazing With Gratitude: Our Meaningful Activity | Priesty Fields

How will you commemorate National Day of Reflection this year?


In anticipation of the upcoming awareness day, our residents painted their very own lanterns in reflection and appreciation of someone special that helped them through last year’s lockdown.


Here’s how we worked with Little Harts pottery to deliver the experience to our residents:


A Meaningful Activity: Glazing with Gratitude

At Priesty Fields, the concept of ‘Glazing with Gratitude’ has encouraged our residents to spend time reflecting on their experiences of the past year.


A few of our residents are particularly grateful for the help they received from family members, friends and carers throughout this turbulent time.

So, in honour of National Reflection Day, we arranged for a local pottery company, Little Harts, to visit us with painting kits and pottery lanterns.


Our residents carefully and creatively decorated the lanterns with a multitude of colours. Once glazed, each lantern was illuminated with a tealight candle, setting the scene for a moment of reflection. 


The experience helped to boost the residents’ emotional well-being as they showed their gratitude to those who helped them through the period.

Meaningful Activity: Glazing with Gratitude

A Meaningful Activity: Margaret and Vera

Our 86-year-old resident, Margaret, found the experience particularly memorable. She was joined by her best friend, Vera, who was visiting for the first time since the pandemic began.


The pair have been best friends since 1979. Throughout the pandemic, Vera played a pivotal role in lifting her best friend’s spirits, calling her twice-a-day to check-in. This provided Margaret with much-needed comfort and reassurance.


They spent some time reminiscing as they painted the lantern together, with Vera helping Margaret pick out her favourite colours. Vera said: “Myself and Margaret have been friends for more than 43 years, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.


“The pandemic was challenging for us and represents the longest period we’ve had without seeing each other. To finally reunite with Marg after all this time was a moment I’ll cherish forever.”

Phillip with his lantern

What the Meaningful Activity Meant to Our Residents

Rishi, our care director, said: “To see Margaret and Vera’s smiles light up the room made this an experience we will never forget.


“The past 24 months have been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. We felt that to mark the two-year anniversary of the first official lockdown, we’d put a positive spin on the occasion.


“The unique experience has proven to be an excellent way to give our residents some joy. It’s also allowing them to have the time and space to address their emotional wellbeing in a supportive environment.


“Looking after the mental wellbeing of our residents is a key priority at Priesty Fields. We were all well aware of the benefits that showcasing gratitude can have on the mind and soul.


“We can’t thank Little Harts Pottery enough and we look forward to welcoming them back soon.”



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