10 Last-Minute Stocking Fillers and Gifts for Your Friends and Family

Wrapping a Christmas gift

10 Last-Minute Stocking Fillers and Gifts for Your Friends and Family

Are you looking for some last-minute stocking fillers and gift ideas for your friends and family?


No matter how organised you are, there’s always a couple of presents you suddenly remember you need to get.


 If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at our handy guide for thoughtful, last-minute stocking fillers:


Homemade Fudge

Homemade gifts are thoughtful – and they don’t have to be time consuming. Fudge is quick and easy to make and can look beautiful when wrapped up and tied with festive ribbon.


This easy fudge recipe takes no time at all, and you can then decorate the pieces with festive treats, such as crushed candy canes or chocolate orange segments.


You can make your fudge in batches and give a portion to each of your loved ones for a meaningful, last-minute stocking filler.

Homemade Festive Fudge

Mindfulness Cards

You may be focusing on improving your mental health following the COVID-19 pandemic by spending time exercising, eating well, talking and practising mindfulness. 


Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety by helping you to feel grounded and present in the moment. 


Why not help your loved one do the same by popping these mindfulness cards in their stocking? The cards can help them to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine and help to improve their own mental health.


Last-Minute Stocking Fillers: Gift Vouchers

Your loved one may appreciate a voucher for something they enjoy. This could be for a spa treatment, afternoon tea, or even for a bookshop so they can choose a new book to read in the new year.


If you’re stuck for ideas, a gift voucher can take the pressure off and ensure they can get something they will enjoy. Why not tie a ribbon around the voucher to make it look festive?


Scented Bath Bombs

There’s little better than soaking in a hot bath after a long week. Why not enhance your loved one’s relaxation time with a bath bomb or scented salts?


They’re quick, easy and thoughtful last-minute stocking fillers that your loved one will be sure to love.


You could also look into sleep sprays, essential oils and face masks to help enhance their relaxation experience this Christmas.

Lavender Bath Bombs

Last-Minute Stocking Fillers: Gin Infusions

If your loved one likes gin, why not order them some delicious infusions to add to their drink to make delicious cocktails this festive season?


There are a variety of infusions you can include, such as peppercorns, rose petals and juniper berries; why not buy a selection so they can sample lots of different flavours this Christmas?


Last-Minute Stocking Fillers: Book Light

Book lights make great last-minute stocking fillers for the avid readers in your life. If they’re not quite ready to give up a physical copy of a book for an e-reader, a book light is the perfect solution for their night-time reading without disturbing anyone else.


They clip to the book and light up the pages, so it causes minimal disruption and allows them to read to their heart’s content. 


You could also pop in a personalised bookmark or, if they do have an e-reader, a new case for it.  


Last-Minute Stocking Fillers: ‘Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree’ Kit

This grow-your-own Bonsai tree kit is a thoughtful last-minute stocking filler idea that your loved one will be sure to love. 


As natural air purifiers, Bonsai trees help to remove pollutants from the air and, in turn, improve our physical health. With many different types to choose from, you’ll never be short of options when it comes to selecting the best tree for your loved one.


Why not place your Bonsai tree on a bookshelf or windowsill for a decorative addition to your home?

Bonsai tree on display in home

Adopt an Animal

An animal adoption pack is a great gift to give, as you’ll be contributing to conservation projects. There are many different types of animals you can adopt, including penguins, tigers and turtles.


Your loved one will usually receive information, updates and pictures to see how the money is used to help prevent extinction and protect their chosen animal.


Last-Minute Stocking Fillers: DIY Macrame Kit

Macrame is a popular type of craft that uses rope to create a wide variety of decorations. With the required tools and a little creativity, you can make wall hangings, hanging plant pot holders, dream catchers or even Christmas decorations.


 A DIY macrame kit  is the perfect last-minute stocking filler that allows your loved one to create their own statement masterpiece.


The kits come with everything your loved one will need, including a tutorial to get started. 

DIY Macrame

Get them a Gratitude Journal 

Gratitude journals provide a space for your loved one to reflect on what they’re grateful for each day. This can help them to focus on the positives in their life and let go of the negatives, ultimately helping to improve their mental health and wellbeing.


You can choose from a variety of different styles and covers to tailor it for the person you’re buying for.


Gratitude journals make for thoughtful last-minute stocking fillers and the recipient will appreciate the sentiment behind it.

Wrapping a Christmas gift

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