Staying Healthy | Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

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Staying Healthy | Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Are you looking for inspiration on how to stay healthy in the winter?


Summer is behind us, and the chilly autumn days are nearing closer. As we head towards winter, you may feel tempted to stay indoors and avoid the cold weather.


Whilst it can be tempting to stay tucked under a blanket, it’s important to ensure you’re looking after your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the colder months.


Here at Priesty Fields, we’re sharing our top healthy living tips for seniors:


Continue to Socialise Throughout Autumn/Winter


It’s important that, even when it’s dark and cold, you continue to socialise as much as possible. This can help to keep your spirits up and prevent feelings of loneliness.


If you feel like staying home and watching a film, why not invite a friend or two to join you? If you’re feeling extra cosy, enjoy it with a luxurious hot chocolate and the comfort of a crackling log fire.


If you’re not keen on venturing out in the dark, cold evenings, why not suggest lunch dates with your family and friends? This’ll ensure you still get out of the house and enjoy the company of others, all before sundown.


Healthy living tips: friends eating and drinking together


Healthy Living Tips for Seniors: Eat Well


Comfort foods are ever more tempting during the colder months. Whilst it’s healthy to enjoy the occasional sweet treat, having too much junk food can take its toll. 


Why not try making some healthy, vegetable-based dishes in a batch? This way, you can freeze portions for quick and easy meals throughout the colder months. Lentils are a great addition for batch cooking, as they bulk out meals and help you to feel full – preventing unnecessary snacking.


Food preparation is easy and efficient as you’ll always have something in the freezer to whip up on lazy days. You could batch-bake some healthy banana muffins for a protein-packed and money-saving snack.


Healthy foods can help to improve your immune system, which is essential during cold weather. A healthy diet can also improve your mental health as it reduces tiredness and boosts motivation.


Healthy living tips for seniors - an array of healthy fruits and vegetables


Healthy Living Tips for Seniors: Try to Exercise Regularly


The cold, dark weather may discourage you from exercising. It’s important, though, to keep moving your body. 


You could try going for a walk in the morning, joining an exercise class such as yoga or pilates, or doing a short home workout. If you have a dog, take it for a walk each day to ensure you stay active throughout the autumn and winter months. If you don’t have a dog, could you offer to walk a neighbour’s pup, or invite a friend instead? 


Walking with somebody can help you stay accountable for how much you’re moving, and you can encourage each other. Why not use a pedometer to help you track your daily step count? The social aspect will also help to keep you motivated and boost your mood.


If you’ve found our healthy living tips for seniors helpful, why not read our previous blog for more information about checking in with your mental health?


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