First Class Lifestyle

We do not live our lives inside our bedrooms so why should that be the case in a care home?

As soon as you set foot in Priesty Fields Care Home you’ll enter The High Street – the community hub that brings the outside in and allows our residents to enjoy the best of Congleton right on their doorstep.

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First Class Care

Care Time

Our industry leading care recording technology means our carers get to spend more time with you as the paperwork is filled in accurately for them as they go along.


We use technology to make sure you receive your medication safely and quickly. Better still the Pharmacy and GP input directly into the system too.

A Good Night’s Sleep

We use acoustic monitoring and AI technology to run a truly silent nurse call system. This means no buzzing throughout the night and the system allows staff to know you’re safe without disturbing you.

Innovative Infection Control

We proactively combat infections and viruses such as COVID-19 whilst reducing the risk from harsh chemicals using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone and probiotic cleaners. We also treat the air to actively remove airborne pathogens.

Peace of Mind For
Your Loved Ones

We use the latest technology so your loved ones can see exactly what care you’re receiving from anywhere in the world.

Freshly Made Food By Your Table

The smell of a Sunday roast or a pie in the oven at home are evocative & mouth watering. But most importantly those smells stimulate appetite. That’s why we have built luxury kitchens on each floor to cook all meals next to where our residents eat.

First For Staff

At Priesty Fields Care Home and at Handsale we pride ourselves on our ‘Staff First’ approach. We believe if you don’t care for those doing the caring, how can they work to the best of their ability?

That’s why Priesty Fields Care Home’s environment has been designed to work alongside our team to make things easier and to enable them to provide the highest quality care. This includes a state-of-the-art team area that enables us to continually perform at our best for the ladies and gentleman under our care.

Watch this video to hear from why our staff enjoy working for Handsale.


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